Interview with Cantbstopped (eng)

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Author: kalabunga

Greetings, noble Lords and Ladies of our glorious Empire!

This is our first interview with anyone from this server, and that’s why we have decided to interview a person who means a lot to this server - cantbstopped. CBS has found a spare minute to talk to us and so we headed towards the Royal Castle. We took our sits behind the dining table placed in one of the castle audience chambers, took couple of sips of miraculous tea and our conversation began:

An interview with the leader of MCC, Syrian

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Greetings, noble Lords and Ladies!

On this day we would like to finally present you an interview with Syrian who is the leader of the Military Clan Council. This interview is a result of a common effort of the LoWM community members and the .ru server’s official newspaper called ‘HWM Daily’. Lord Syrian shared his thoughts on the upcoming server merger as well as the creative activity of LoWM community.