Event's plot «Soul Imprints»

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Interview with the players of the clan #9595 Immortal Dynasty

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#9595 Immortal Dynasty is one of the few foreign clans with its own lore, established team and vision of the game. Let's get acquainted with the pirates of the "Immortal Dynasty".

We talked with the leader of the clan - merlin36 and with one of it’s most famous heroes - Patou.

FAQ: Secrets of Tactics

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New creatures from "Secrets of Tactics"

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Plot of "Secrets of Tactics"

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Plot of "Echoes of Inferno"

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Plot of "Risky adventure"

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Bandit recruiter (in one of the Imperial taverns):
Hey, serviceman! Yeah, you! You're looking good! Me and my boys are looking for some people for a prospect. Are you interested? There are risks, but the reward is worth it. Don't get any ideas. We're advanced, not the Boss' boys. Something like 'Robin and the wolfhunters'!.. Or 'Robin forever'... Well, we haven't decided on a name yet, but the Boss would be glad to get rid of us. Well, or rather, will be after the case. Not without your input, of course, if you agree. Trust me, it'll be the best deal of your life! What's the deal? Is it a deal?

FAQ: Dungeon Caves

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The main differences of these caves from the previous events:
1) You can recruit one stack no more than 4 times. After that, they will stop appearing to you;
2) The option to ignore certain captives is available, in which case they will not be found in a next search

A collection of useful calculators

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HWM Daily has collected in one place all the calculators that have ever been published on its pages, some new ones will be added in the future.

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