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Good day to you, Lords and Ladies. My name is Pearlio. I am an imperial messenger. Or should I say The imperial messenger carrying an important announcement for you. I am terribly sorry for my late arrival due to me being stuck in a time loop. The scroll with the message was destroyed when I was running from inferno blasts, but I wouldnt be an imperial messenger if I did not keep it in two places- my head being one of them. It went like this: Councillor Billir was pleased. His eyes were filled with joy, and a childish smile that he was trying to hide, lit up his face every now and then. It was the same smile as 140 years ago when he just turned 10 and received his first magic wand

Sometimes so little is needed to make the most powerful wizards happy Surprising, isnt it? You do not have to bring 1000 years old recipe or wander for years in search of a specific ancient scroll to please one. All that is needed is a couple of words, so simple, yet more powerful than most of the known spells

Councillor BIlir was sitting on his floating throne on a huge fare, organized by his grand daughter to celebrate him. Every visitor paid him respect and congratulated the wizard. The time before lunch was planned to be for kids. A lot of amusement activities were held where children from all over the Empire were playing, competing with each other, and of course congratulating Billir with paintings, magic tricks, songs and so on

It was fun to watch them, they were really distracted by the enormous cake. It was almost like a mountain! 2000 bakers were working on it! Think about it 2000 bakers! Out of all the kids one was standing out. A great great (34 times) grandson of his old friend Merlin showed up to present his work of art. While the text was simple it has made Billlir giggle - the 9-year-old Merlin was so cute.

After lunch older citizens of the Empire began to show up. Lords were arriving one after another, but despite their incredibly creative word choice their congratulations started to feel repetitive. The day was saved by Lord MilesTeg. His poem contained Billirs favourite combination of humor and admiration. Soon after Brfruido showed up. The barbarian has presented something different: instead of saying how great or smart Billir was (just like everyone else), he has pleased him with a short story-poem.

In the evening, when the guests have started to head home after a long day of celebration, a knight showed up.

He did not look great. His face turned green and his armor Well lets just say that it did not look very formal. Slowly and with long pauses he has congratulated Bilir. It turned out that on his way to the fare he got sacked in a time loop and was travelling throw the realms of time, just like me!!! See, I am not lying! Ask the knight!

Billir has greatly appreciated his efforts and with a couple of quick restoration spells has healed the knight. Cryptocode (that was the name of the knight) was very late and so the cake has finished but there were a couple of bottles of ale left for him to enjoy after the long and exhausting trip.

When the fair has finished three lords hired by Billirs granddaughter have come together to discuss which congratulations were best.

They were casually talking all day, having a sip of ale every now and then and enjoying the wonderful weather, or so it seemed. They didnt draw any attention, but they were watching every single person congratulating Billir and Billirs reaction to them. After a long discussion they have agreed Wait, I think I should turn back to the message again. They have agreed that:

First of all, Cryptocode should get some extra rewards for his exhausting trip and efforts that he has put in to come despite the accident. After a short discussion Merlin36 was announced to receive the funny award. The lords, however, could not agree about the best entry. The three had very different opinions regarding who should get the main reward. Unable to decide through diplomacy the conflict was settled the usual way- in battle. The battle was unfair since it was two against one and so the main prize was given to Bfriudo, with Lord MilesTeg taking the Most creative prize.

On top of that, since councilor Billir really likes poetry (especially if it is about him) every poem made for his Birthday will be awarded with a reward in proportion to their efforts. Now personally from me, your sincere servant Perlio, a simple yet very pleasing task for you Those guys in the time loop were not very nice to me, so if you could teach them manners that would be great

The first three lords to defeat lizard cubs, lizard-assailants and three heroes of the past in any combat (1+1+1, 1+2, or 3 lords in Watchers guild counts as well) will get a reward from Perlio! Post the combats in comment section.

P.s. I bet you would like to know what the reward is, my fellow lords, but that shall remain secret


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Thanks for the prize and the story

Saw this rather late on, but found and hunted the lizards

Cubs -
Assailants -
portal -

Let me in on the secret.........!

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