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Bandit recruiter (in one of the Imperial taverns):
Hey, serviceman! Yeah, you! You're looking good! Me and my boys are looking for some people for a prospect. Are you interested? There are risks, but the reward is worth it. Don't get any ideas. We're advanced, not the Boss' boys. Something like 'Robin and the wolfhunters'!.. Or 'Robin forever'... Well, we haven't decided on a name yet, but the Boss would be glad to get rid of us. Well, or rather, will be after the case. Not without your input, of course, if you agree. Trust me, it'll be the best deal of your life! What's the deal? Is it a deal?
1. A young and inexperienced band of outlaws, hungry for riches and glory. It can be a rather exciting adventure, or it can be certain death. An adventure of all adventures, but that is often how many great legends are born.
There you are! - Suddenly a little boyish snooper appeared. He didn't look like a typical robber, and his accent sounded like that of an overseas lord. But he must have been Robin.
Robin: Welcome to Robin & Company Gang Camp!.. No, I don't think so... Okay, forget it. I don't mean to be rude, but you look impressive, but show me what you're made of first. Take one of our guys and beat up somebody in the neighborhood! Don't worry, only the Boss's henchmen hang around here, and they ain't too smart.

2. Robin: Come on, that was too easy. It wasn't even serious to discuss. Let's find someone tougher, someone who can at least take a punch-some tough little guy among their leaders. Come on, I'll pick my own target...

3. Robin: All right, I give up-it wasn't bad! And now that we've cleared their flank, it's time to get down to business. See that camp up ahead near the border? That's where they're sending reinforcements to their hit squads. We made sure the Imperials found out about the raid. Boss's thugs won't have enough trouble, and they won't last long without a reliable rear. Don't let me down while I prepare our next move.

4. It seems like its all been there before. Great adventure experience certainly has its advantages in the battlefield, but sometimes it leaves no room at all for new experiences. This camp was not much different from many others. And like them, it was doomed the moment the eye of the Lord or Lady of the Empire.. or rather, a free adventurer fell upon it. And no robber commander, not even two, could protect him from his imminent fate...

5. The flames had barely reached the last tent in the bandits camp when a loud shout could be heard mingling with the sounds of battle in the distance. They sounded like they were coming from the enemy settlement that stretched ahead. Their gut feeling was that Robin must be in some sort of trouble. A quick dash through a small clearing and they proved their fears. Robins forces were defeated, and he himself was safely hidden behind a massive boulder from the enemies, lurking all around.
Robin: Looks like something didnt go according to plan. But youre part of the plan, too, and youre here. Which means everything has been thought out to the last detail! Take care of their commander. Weve been a little rough on his troops. But we also pissed him off a little

6. Robin: It was even better than I had planned. All thats left is to clear these streets, and then the castle is just a short walk away.
The snooper carelessly walked a little ahead, approached the well, and, quenching his curiosity, peered carelessly into it. However, a dexterous infiltrator immediately jumped out of it. Only by some miracle did her poisoned blade not reach the fortunate target, and she dashed off in a heartbeat. Don't let her get away! She'll ruin everything! - Robin shouted, trying at a loss to find arrow in his quiver, but it kept slipping from his trembling fingers.

7. Robin: It would not be very good if they found out about us before the time was up. But time is of the essence - the castle is only a short distance away, and then we can proceed to the next phase of our plan. Let's go and clear the area and get the siege weapons ready. I hope no one's found it

8. nd here it is! - Robin cried out triumphantly, reaching over and pulling the biggest pile of twigs. But all he saw was a useless heap of stones. Oops, I think that's one of our hoaxes. Wait a minute, the real one should be in here somewhere
A few more deceptions discovered, and the siege weapons were finally found. Fortunately, the main bandit forces were too busy with their hopeless raid, or with such responsible preparations this siege might have ended before it had even begun. It was time to get started!

9. The castle had fallen! Its defenders were clearly unprepared for such a precipitous assault. But this, to all appearances, was only the first step in the young adventurer's mad plan. He himself, as soon as the sounds of battle ceased, climbed the castle wall and stared somewhere in the distance, where above the trees could be seen the peaks of the mountain range.
Robin: The Wild North. A land of freedom and opportunity, where there is no power of sheriffs and their cruel laws, where everyone is his own master and free to choose his own path... Come on, let's get out of here and clean up all unnecessary witnesses on the way. The boss certainly won't let this incident go unnoticed, but there'll be Imperial troops here by the time his men get here. They'll have something to occupy each other.

10. Robin: There's a little more than I thought there would be. But there's no doubting your abilities. With a commander like you, we're sure to succeed. The whole wasteland will know about Robin's Dominators! No, that's not it... Forget it, just don't let anyone get away with it. Especially that one in the cloak and dunkshirt over there, who likes to get away before they can even begin to fight

11. Robin: Don't rush into the chase. My men are ahead. They'll trap the prey, and we'll kill it there. In the meantime, we can have a little chat by the fire. You know, your dedication is impressive. I'll let you in on a little secret: you might not look it, but these guys are all "green", just like my hood. Without your help, I'm afraid our plan would be a lot harder to carry out. And speaking of which. It's probably clear to you by now that we're progressive guys, and we have the right approach. Why kill ourselves against heavily armed guards when we can pinch those who are not so disciplined in protecting their belongings? Especially since they don't belong to them. The Boss's gang is said to have risen quite well of late by looting ancient tombs and temples. And we happen to know the routes they use to transport all this stuff. Savvy? Believe me, it's going to be the heist of the century! Get some rest. We'll be leaving soon.

12. Robin: There seemed to be a couple of locals among them. Ahead is a small coastal settlement. The river pirates sell their junk there, so the people there are a pretty shrewd bunch, all swindlers and weasels. Look at that sly squint in front. I think I might be able to negotiate with them easily. Hide your weapons for now, not all questions in this world are resolved on the battlefield

13. Robin: I take it back. Its a pity, but they were sillier than I thought theyd be. They could have raised some silver for renting the ship, but I guess I'll just have to ask politely. You can find the right words, cant you?

14. Having defeated the guards of the dock and taken advantage of the chaos, the robbers squad quickly took possession of one of the pirate ships, and as soon as the locals realized it, they had already set sail from the shore. However, as soon as they reached the middle of the river, a cannon salvo rang out behind them. It looked like the pirates werent going to give up so easily, and now it would be a fight on their terms.

15. Robin: Ha! Your Roger will be no match for the Corsairs of Jolly Robin?! Damn! How does anyone else do it?
Frustrated by yet another failed idea to name his gang properly, the young snooper took out an arrow and angrily fired it at the defeated pirates who were leaving to feed on the underwater creatures. A moment later the whole ship shuddered as if something enormous had struck its hull After that a gigantic deep-sea fish, full of ghastly teeth, elerged from beneath the water

16. The hungry predatory monster had fallen and all the other underwater creatures soon followed. It would be wise to get to a safe shor as soon as possible, before something even bigger and meander came along looking for all this noise. Who knows what is lurking in the depths of the river? It was the warm sand of the beach, what dangers could it possibly hold?

17. Bad luck is bad luck. As soon as the first foot touched the sandy shore, its entire golden surface, which looked perfectly dormant, was set in motion by the awakening of creatures, of which the number was endless. And to top it all off, there was another giant, but with giant claws that could bite through a tree like a straw. To top it all, there was a whole litter of creatures like this

18. Not without difficulty, but the claw-armed monster was defeated. However, it is urgent to leave this beach as soon as possible. These creatures probably wouldnt go into the cave, but a handful of troglodytes warmed up by a series of difficult battles would probably be able to handle them without too much trouble. But do they really nest here? Although, who knows what these scoundrells amuse themselves with at their leisure

19. A successfully repulsed barrage of swift attacks and all that was left of the harpies was a cloud of feathers slowly settling on the stone floor. Meanwhile, ominous rustlings began to come from everywhere, clearly hinting that these witches were just the beginning of the welcoming of the local inhabitants.

20. And here comes their leader, the serpent-haired queen, gliding deftly among the hordes of vicious creatures and firing arrow after arrow to focus the fury of her subjects on the uninvited outsiders. Surely her death would wreak havoc among their ranks, and they would soon be on the run

21. The multicolored blood of the cave monsters mingled into a single mixture that flooded everything around them. As he stepped carefully over the dead bodies, Robin saw a lone black-haired girl in a red dress leaning over the body of a defeated queen of jellyfish. Without a second thought, he took a few swift steps forward and said:
Hey lady, are you okay?! Those monsters are already dead. Robins Lifesavers are always happy to help! Ahhh no, I meant to say Robin and his Before he could even collect his thoughts, the mysterious girl was right in front of him, giving him a cold serpentine look.
You will be eaten las-s-st! she hissed angrily, and disappeared into the cavernous darkness that surrounded them. And an even more terrifying silence followed

22. The silence, which had lingered for a while, even offered some hope of a safe exit from the tangled cave system, but when the squad's vigilance dulled somewhat, the serpentine army struck unexpectedly. She miscalculated her strength though, and was forced to retreat again.
I've never been lucky enough to meet ladies. - Robin said, with a hint of disappointment in his voice, as he climbed out of the cave. And that wasn't the worst of all... I could always find a common language with cute little animals., - he suddenly added, noticing a flock of frolicking dragons ahead. Look how nice this is, - With a genuine smile on his face, Robin held out his hand to meet the dragonling, but instinctively jerked it back a moment before he snapped his teeth. What a rascal! - He cried out grudgingly, but before he could even wave it away, he was swallowed whole by the shadow of an adult dragon looming in the sky...

23. Robin: That's the way it is for all of them! Parents are responsible for their naughty children! A little parenting would certainly help this nest! "Robin's Pedants, teach them a lesson! I mean... just teach them a lesson!

24. Robin: I'm a little confused about my logic. If parents should be responsible for their children's misbehavior, should parents be responsible for their children's misbehavior? I mean, do we have to fight this big blue thing right here? Maybe it's a family thing, and it's a thankless thing to pry into family matters. What do you think, huh?

25. Robin: I knew you could do it! I told you! And you... Trust me! Everything's going according to plan!
As the young man rushed toward the slain dragon in a burst of triumphant euphoria to collect a few of the spoils, his eyes suddenly caught sight of the monk lurking behind the stone.
Robin: Hey, brother, relax! "Robin's Dragon Fighters won't let anyone get hurt!
Monk: You don't look like much of a dragon fighter. But since you are, I invite you to our retreat. My brothers would welcome any... guests.
It is a sin to refuse a gracious invitation from a clergyman. Especially after such a grueling hike. My mind was inebriated by the thought of a goblet of monk's ale, and meanwhile a creepy-looking altar began to loom up ahead instead of the outline of the expected monastery. Something's not right...

26. Obsessed ultists! Crazy enough that some of them didn't even interrupt their unholy ritual when the blood of their slain brothers touched the foot of the altar. Suddenly, the flames of the surrounding braziers flared up more violently, and then they abruptly faded, and a thick, almost impenetrable fog began to cover the area. There seemed to be someone in it...

27. Robin: I can't see anything! That thing blinded me! Anybody there?! Oh, there you are. Good to see you. Well, I mean, to feel. I've never seen monsters like this. And I hope I never see them again. I mean, I hope I can, but I don't wash my face in the morning to look at monsters like that. All right, the hell with it. Lead the way. I need to get a little blink of an eye. There's a quiet grove down here anyway. And there's nothing but a pack of wild boars you might run into. Mmm, tasty
Robin's voice was suddenly interrupted as the view of the lifeless, gray smog-covered stone wasteland broke through the veil that obscured his vision. Ahead of him was a vast industrial complex - and its mechanical defenders had already spotted the intruders.

28. Robin: How could it be?.. There was a lake here. There was a clearing where deer grazed. What the hell with them! Where did all this come from?! No, I'm really curious. It wasn't here on our last outing. That weird bearded guy over there must know! You distract the guards and I'll try to ask him.

29. Robin: He has a strange dialect. I can't understand anything. Directives, protocols... I think he mentioned someone named Freyr. You don't know him? Neither have I. All right, we're gonna have to look around and make some adjustments to the plan. That thing looks interesting. Come on, let's take a closer look.

30. Robin: Hmm, mechanisms that create other mechanisms. It's a strange thing. I wonder if it can only build killing machines. What about, I don't know, mechanical bread makers? Or vegetable slicers? Dust sweepers for our camp! Look, let's find another one! Its not like we can make any more soup from this one. Thats right! Stand-alone soup cookers!..

31. Robin: Hopeless! I'll have to try to assemble one manually in my camp. But wait. We're outlaws. We'll devise a plan to steal the blueprints. Yeah, that's right! But later. We can't deviate from the plan now. We just need to make a few adjustments. Let's go take shelter in one of these buildings, before someone else from the local "ironclads" sees us.
The snooper, headed forward, took a small charcoal from his bag and a sheet of paper, completely written out with complicated schemes, and began to actively scribble something in it right in the process.

32. Against all reason and apprehension, the squad still managed to find perhaps the only quiet building in the whole area. They even got a little respite before everything suddenly came alive with the arrival of the local repair team. Dozens and even hundreds of marvelous machines began to move, filling the entire interior of the mechanized complex with unbearable monotonous sound. It seemed that it was high time to get out of here while there was still a chance. Exactly as Robin's updated plan stated.

33. The new deadly mechanisms kept arriving, and the complex was in no hurry to end. From the outside, it obviously didn't look that big. Unless the floor here is one big belt conveyor going backwards? Who knows what the sick mind of mad scientists is capable of... But still, no. Ahead of them loomed the gate leading to the outside. But to get to it through the army of mechanical monsters continually coming off the assembly line was no easy task.

34. Fresh air at last. Well, as fresh as the smog-soaked air could ever be called. Ahead of them were the trees of the forest, still green and untouched by the "mechanical curse". The robbers rushed forward when suddenly the ground beneath their feet shook, and then again, and again. In a moment of silence, the huge gates of the neighboring building creaked upward, revealing the gigantic steel monster.

35. Robin: How about this? "Robinators!" Also no...? All right, you'd better see how quiet it is. It's quiet. Not a grove with a lake, of course, but there's no one to be afraid of either. The main thing is not to sit on any anthill. There are a lot of them here. One of ours did it last time. He's lying in the camp now. He's alive, but he has to sleep on his stomach. Scars are nice, of course, but you can't even flaunt them. Unless it's under a hop, but I wouldn't risk looking at it. So, if you're not afraid of pesky insects, you can relax and enjoy your walk in the woods.

36. Robin: If anything, I wasn't talking about those monsters at all. What kind of creatures are they, anyway? Giant centaur ants? Antauruses?! That sounds good. Why does it even work with ants, but not with the name of the gang?! Okay, now's not a good time. I trust you, you can handle it. Look at the size of that thing up ahead. But you'll get through it. I don't want to get in your way. I'll cover the rear in case those mechanics come chasing

37. Robin: Sorry. I get a little nervous at the sight of insects. I don't like them. Especially in the company of evil wild animals, predatory plants, forest spirits, and all sorts of monsters with horns and fangs and... Gods, what are they anyway?! No, don't tell me! There's something I need to check out. Toothworms? No. Hornswoggles? Also no. Fang -lisks? Yes, fangolisks! No, it can't be! How does it work? I'm sorry if I'm distracting you, but I need to do some thinking.

38. He was still in a state of frustration as Robin continued, but the evil creatures of the forest continued unabated. It seemed that almost every aggressive creature in the woods had gathered there.
And soon their insane leader showed up, too.
Forest Keeper: You reek of the stench of unholy technology! Nature craves purification!

39. Is he fallen? Or is he not? The revived roots dragged the druid's body underground, and a few moments later his image flashed again between the branches of the dense thicket, from which a huge, grinning fang-fang appeared after him. Another fight seemed inevitable.
But the tension was suddenly diluted by the voice of the gang leader.
Robin: Hey, Dru, brother, wait! We didn't come for your soul. We have an important and noble purpose.
Forest Keeper: To kill and rob?
Robin: Well, I wouldn't be so categorical. Borrow indefinitely from a handful of scumbags. Surely someone would get hurt. Maybe even fatally... Oh, well, that's no use. I've done all I can.

40. Robin: Robin and the Thunderbirds of the woods!.. Robin and the forest thunderstorms... Robin and the thunderbolts?... Robin and the Woodsmen?.. Oh bloody hell, how hard can this be?!
Unnoticed by everyone present, willingly or unwillingly listening to the young gang leader's endless musings, the squad finally approached the edge of the forest and saw a rather rutted and trampled road ahead. The road wound along a tall but slightly bent stockade and turned sharply into the fenced-off area. And the number of robbers to every inch of it was off the charts. The target seemed to be within his grasp. Even Robin was focused back on his plan. He had to wait for the right moment, after the next robber's caravan had passed, to strike the most devastating blow and prepare the best possible position for the assault on these strongholds.

41. Control of the road was established. Part of the gang immediately began to cover up the signs of battle and disguise themselves as locals. It seemed that the next few caravans would clearly not make it to their final destination. But that was only a small bonus to the main prize that lay ahead.
Robin: Well, at least there were no surprises. I think everything will go according to plan from here on out. Not that it didn't go before, but... whatever. Hey, listen. There's no way around those towers up ahead. We're gonna have to fight our way out, but what do you care about the towers? There's gonna be carnage up ahead. And knowing you, it's gonna be a hell of a fight. But the castle is our target. That's where they're taking all the treasure. Trust me, it's like the famous fortress on the East Island. Only instead of abrasives, it's full of gold and other stuff. And soon it will all be ours!

42. The first obstacle had been overcome, but there were many more to come. The whole road to the castle was like one unbroken robber's camp, with no end in sight. And it was unlikely that its inhabitants would want to just let anyone through to the protected riches.
Robin: There it is, the snake hole. An army of gutless slaves, dancing to the tune of their master. It's time to make them dance to a new tune.

43. Robin: Ha! How's that for a motive?! That was just a warm-up! Hey, people, give more heat to this dreary hole! We've got an army of loyal fans if not two! Play them the signature motif of Robin's Minstrels! Hmm, that doesn't sound too threatening... Make them dance themselves to death!

44. Little by little the squad passed the outer ring of camp fortifications, approaching the outskirts of the enemy settlement. There were no tents to be seen, but they had an abundance of towers.For worse, there was no other way.
Robin: If we're lucky, we'll be able to avoid unnecessary attention from the archers in the towers, but I wouldn't bet on that. I don't like to bet at all. I lost my entire day's earnings from the sawmill in one sitting, and I don't know what the point is. I mean, unless... Oh, yeah, the towers. I guess it's not the first time you've taken a village.

45. Robin: SPIDERS! Giant spiders! You know, out there in the woods... Remember? Where all those antauruses and fangolisks were, too. I forgot to mention spiders. There! I couldn't get them out of my head. I wouldn't want to be haunted by giant spiders all my life. Even imaginary ones. Ugh! But now my conscience is clear. That's it, they're gone. No... Oh, I'm sorry, I guess my confession got a little too much attention. But I don't think you'll have any trouble crushing this army of curious onlookers...

46. More armies, fewer armies - the settlement was already almost completely under control. All that was left to do was to clear the outskirts - and we could go in the direction of the castle. It seemed that there was nothing difficult. Suddenly there was a disgruntled yell.
To hell with that little lunatic! He'll bury us all here with his plans and his pens!
Brother, what are you doing?! We're almost there! Don't be stupid! What a fool. Stop him! He will surrender our plans and positions to the enemy!

47. A just outcome,- Robin said with a hint of sadness as he stood over the body of the murdered traitor and looked him over. Then he turned to his gang and said: Remember all: brothers don't shoot each other! This is our common cause! And besides, we've been together since the first caravan! And everything we do, we're responsible for together, too! And we have our backs in all this - His gaze slid to the side for a moment, - ...skilled people like you. The Robin Brigade!.. - he added at the end, raising his bow above his head, but then suddenly lowering his eyes bashfully Damn, such a spoiled moment... - Robin muttered, then lowered his raised hand and turned back to the gang, - Let's go - let's just beat up what's left of their pathetic camp!

48. Robin: The most unpredictable is behind us. Only tactics remain! Two armies guard the approaches to the castle. There are two more outside the walls. Let's start with those, but don't hit them too hard. Let them on the walls think we're running out of strength and send someone to finish them off. Divide and conquer, as the classic said. Isn't that what he meant? Sometimes it's hard to figure out all the hidden meanings of philosophical sayings of some historical literate... In general, we act strictly according to plan!

49. Both enemy armies fell. Not to say anyone was trying to play a giveaway, but in the end, it worked out exactly as intended. Smelling the scent of the spilled blood of the outsiders, the local robbers threw another army into battle, hoping to finish the job. Blinded by their bloodlust, they had no idea that all this was just a prelude to the main course

50. Robin: Here it is! Grand finale, as they used to say in the lands of my ancestors. Our pass to the big leagues! There's no turning back now. What's the point of going back empty-handed? Well, there's just a bunch of robbers up there, nothing much. The only threat is to one of them, a grim sorcerer whom the Boss had put in charge of guarding his treasury. I don't know if he's the sorcerer the whole wasteland's been talking about, but I don't think you care. Lead us to glory, and I'll make your gold.

51. Robin: It worked! The plan worked! Not that I didn't believe it, but... Holy crap, this is the best day of my life! And a lot of the credit goes to you. I'd kiss you, but I don't think I'd risk it. I've got a lot to lose now. We all have something to lose. Of course, now we'll have to get it all back to camp. But we can manage that ourselves. I don't think the way back's gonna be much harder. If you like, I'll even put a little extra on top for the trouble. It's not much, but we'll divide it up fair and square. Hmm, justice... Brotherhood of Justice... Just Brotherhood of Justice! That's it! It was so... simple. It felt better than even robbery... But I'm going to rob a little anyway. In the meantime, you decide...

52. Robin: Thanks for the cover! The wagons are already packed to the gills. We're ready to march back. The caravan will follow the advance party. What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?..

53-60. Robin: They didn't stand a chance. We have to keep moving. What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?..

61. It's fun to break through the same fortifications a second time. But there are no walls or towers that can restrain the ardor of young men hungry for riches and glory. The group easily passed the enemy's fences, but soon the news from the rear was not very pleasant.
Those bastards hit several wagons! They're stuck so tight it's hard to pull them off. What are we going to do?
Don't take any chances-we've got plenty more. Keep moving! What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?..

62-70. Robin: They didn't stand a chance. We have to keep moving. What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?..

66. It seems there are more creatures here than last time. And they'd only gotten hungrier. Luckily, they were jumping on everything - and even a few carts abandoned in the wilderness made excellent diversionary bait. Quite expensive, but the life of a squad is still more valuable. And let those Antauruses choke on that gold in the depths of their anthill.
Robin: We still have plenty of booty! Keep moving! What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?..

67-70. Robin: They didn't stand a chance. We have to keep moving. What about you? Are you coming with us? Or not?

71. Robin: How many of these damn mechanical buzzers are there. A whole swarm - worse than insects! We've got to pull up our rear and wait it out in the shelter. I guess you can sneak out if you want. Or do you want to come with us?..

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