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1250 days are required to attain Watcher’s Guild level 7 without taking into account any additional bonuses. This includes 500 days to reach WG5, and then considering 4 tasks per day, another 750 days will be needed for WG7. Currently, more than 300 heroes have WG7

4 000 friends can be added in your friend list.

12 gold is the lowest possible salary in the Empire,  taking into account to workaholic penalty. This amount can be possibly achieved at a sawmill in the Empire Capital . The most interesting thing is that people actually enroll there ! In case you are fined 2 million , then it will take you only 19 years to get out of the penalty even if you enroll every hour)

3794 gold is the maximum gold rewarded so far for a solo hunt to karlik-leg . Heroes have managed to get 4882 in hunt for single character, due to the fact that one played support and didn’t hit the enemy. This was demonstrated by #8048 Stealth and #8212 -Трогвар . The maximum record of 5286 in a hunt belongs to Стали and Raysky .

286 facilities in the Empire have a wage higher than 200 . Still, there is always a problem finding one.

432 tiles are there in 4×4 format battlefield. Horizontally it’s the same as a duel, but vertically it differs. In duels there are 20 tiles available for settlement, whilst only 18 in 4×4.

13 hamsters were present in the quick 3×3 tournaments, which were held against bots. Defeating so many hamsters would mean a reward of 1,300,000 . But in quick tournaments,  they didn’t give away the bounty))

108 minutes were spent by Yuri Gagarin in space. He was able to fly around the Earth at an altitude of 302 kilometer at a speed of ~28,000 kilometer per hour. For us, this is like one defense battle.

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