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Hi everyone! After achieving second level of Adventurers’ guild I looked back and analyzed my journey. I am sure you know how frustrating it can be to lose a fight, wearing a full set of quite expensive ammunition, simply because you did not know what you were going to face. So I thought that it would be a good idea to write an article about Adventurers’ Guild, to prepare you for it’s battles and save you some nerve cells. I hope you will find it useful!

Adventurer’s guild is a bit different from other guilds present in our favourite game. Without further to do, let’s get to them:

The only way to get Adventurers’ guild points is by completing Campaigns. At the moment there are two different ones to choose from “Finding the Healer” and “Amnitis Mysteries”. Each one has three difficulty levels:

“Recruit” (pawn) - max 80 points, “Combatant” (rock) - max 100 points and “Hero” (queen) -max 120 points for completion. Difficulty “Hero” unlocks after you have completed the campaign once on any “Recruit” or “Combatant” with any faction and class.

The highest score you can get for a campaign is 120 points for each class. It is important to remember that no matter how many times you complete the same campaign with the same class, you will NOT recieve more than 120 points. Therefore, it is better to complete a campaign once and then change class/faction, unless you are aiming for the maximum 120 points.

Sadly, you do not receive rewards for each battle won. Instead, you receive your rewards after you complete the whole campaign. The reward can include gold, diamonds, resources, house licences, artifacts and creature armaments. On top of that, there are several hidden treasures which you receive by defeating an army guarding it. “Finding the Healer” has 3, while “Amnitis Mysteries” has 5. On average the rewards are not sufficient enough to pay for the used equipment (both the final rewards and the treasures).

Lords of money...

I would like to begin by quoting my favourite Tirion Lannister: “What do you want?”

  1. Complete a campaign just for fun.
  2. Get 1600 points and get 1 stat.
  3. Get 3600 and receive 2 stats.

If you have chosen the first option then go ahead! At some point you might find combat examples below quite useful. And I definetely recommend you to check out the “equipment" section. Now the second option. In order to get 1600 points you will need 3 different factions. If you are a Dwarf or a Tribal then I am afraid you will need to use 4 different ones. Which factions will be work? Barbarian and two other (as long as it is not Dwarf or Tribal). 

Let’s do some math:

You will have to complete the campaigns on “Hero”. 6 campaigns on Barbarian will give you 720 points (there are 2 campaigns for each class). With another two factions you will get 960 points more (as long as the chosen factions have an extra class as well) Resulting in 1680 points total.

As you can see, you do not have to complete each campaign with each class for 100%. You have 80 points extra which means that you can lose about 66% total from efficiency. It is even possible to complete the first two campaigns on “Combatant” in order to unlock “Hero”. Though, that would mean that you will have to be extra careful in combats. (you will be allowed to lose about 33%).

One can, of course, build 4 or 5 castles and complete the campaigns on “Combatant” or even “Recruit”. But that will be a waste of time, especially considering the fact that this article is meant to help you to complete the campaigns with the highest score.

If you are a rich merchant, successful gambler or if you are willing to donate some money, then you are very welcome to obtain 3600 points and get 2 extra parameters. Personally, I had built castles for all the factions except for dwarves. On level 9 and 11 you can complete the campaigns without an early upgrade of creatures in your army. Which is almost a must have for a level 10 adventurer. It is also helpful to have third Magic Guild. 7 castles will cost you about 2m gold (8th castle is your main).

You could also divide your efforts and get 1600 points first, save up some money and then go for the 3200.


If you are level 9-11 (which you should be if you are reading this guide) I have some good news for you! Your equipment will be cheaper compare to levels 5-8 and 15-22. If you are not struggling with money then your choice should be the Pirate Set. It is especially good for mages, buffers and debuffers. If you cannot afford such luxury, or simply want to save your money you can always create a balanced equipment combination depending on your level, talents, faction and class.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Headgear - preferably something better than steel helmet- Light robber`s helmet or Helmet of dungeons are very good options.

  • Armor - here you can use platemail as well as Beastbane armor, Temporal armor, Pirate frock, Leader cuirass etc. Ideally you will switch between armors depending on what you are facing.
  • Rings - Pirate ring is the best ring at the moment. Literary the best! The greatest ring of all time! (Trump’s voice) But seriously, 9 stats for 200 gold per combat is too good to be true. Note: market price has gone up as I was writing this article.
  • Weapons - Mithril Longsword, Beastbane spear or blade, Temporal staff or sword, Pirate saber etc. Level 11 will find Gladiator’s axe to be extremely handy.
  • Footgear - Light robber’s boots, Pirate boots, Temporal shoes/boots.
  • Shield/dagger - Tower shield, Temporal dagger, Pirate dagger, Thief’s dagger, Temporal scroll.
  • Necklace - Thief, Beastbane, Pirate, Temporal amulets or an amulet of dungeons should do the trick.
  • Back - Pirate or Stalkers cloak have been proven to be more useful than bows in most cases. If you feel like you could really use a bow instead, Beastbane bow or Bow of light should be your first choice. Backpack - Book of knowledge, Runestone, Cave crystal.

Note: You do not need backpack artifacts in every campaign combat, only in hard ones.

Q: Can I complete all the battles in Standard equipment ( that is equipment from the artifact shop)?

A: Yes you can, but you will have to replay the battles and really think about your moves.

Don’t forget that the battles become harder over time. In some battles you can equip a Beastbane set (battles against neutral creatures).

Pirate Set
For buffers/debuffers
For mages
For all Elves, Tribal and Red Demons

The equipment sets above are decent. They have proven to be great in campaigns. You can even change one or two items and the sets will still be good, or perhaps even better. For instance, Barbarians and Fury Barbarians do not need knowledge and spell power so you can easily exchange the items that have those parameters to something more suitable. You can also improve these sets by taking better (and therefore more expensive) items.


I started my Campaign journey from my main Faction- Holy Knight. I began with “Combatant”. Once I was done, I went in as Wizard, also on “Combatant”. The main reason why I chose “Combatant” was the fact that I did not have upgraded gremlins and golems. Am I crazy? No, I just wanted to get some Wizard faction skill (Anti Skill) for the Minor tournament 39.

Later on, I had decided to try-hard Adventurer’s Guild. I watched a couple of battles in order to estimate the price of such luxury. “ ” (Howlend Reed) has helped me a lot by sending battle logs from several different campaigns. I really appreciated it!

Despite his help, I have completed most of the campaign battles (about 80%) without knowing my enemy- stats, creatures, line ups- all of it was a mystery. The best tip I could give you is to always think and be open-minded. You have to be ready to adjust. For example, sometimes it will be useful to reset and redistribute your basic stats as you advance in a campaign.

Remember that you do not lose points for conceding/losing a battle (as long as you do not loose the same battle 3 times). You can always replay a fight if you feel like it.

Q: How do I know If I recieved the highest score for a battle?

A: You can never be 100% sure, since there is no direct way. I mean, you are definitely fine if you have 50% of your army left.

I have completed most of the campaigns with a 100% score. I am certain that you will be able to get 90-100% as well!

“Finding the Healer” completion scores (Kligan-Dog)

Amnitis Mysteries completion scores (Kligan-Dog)

Finding the Healer

Amnitis Mysteries


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