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"Leaders are those who always empower others" - Bill Gates

Hello dear .com players, this is not just an article but a bunch of feelings of various clan leaders holding English players together, try to feel the essence and their emotions linked to it.

#7490 European Foreign Legion


What's your name and how old are you?

I have two names Dimitris Ektoras and I am 37 years old.

Since when are you leading your clan?

I am leader since October 2018.

What have been your implementations since then?

I cant think of something specifically, the effort has been on growing the clan and engaging all aspects the game offers.

What leads to eviction from your clan?

Multiple times violation of clan rules will lead to immediate eviction.

After that inactivity will lead to eviction. Participation in events and defenses is taken into account.

What are your opinions on war?

I find clan war battles fun and entertaining.

On the other hand the process of war is very time consuming and trying to balance real life and game obligations is not easy. Also the cost of running it is great and doubtful it can be recouped. In my opinion the whole system of facilities and defenses (ai and pvp) should change.

Anyone you'd like to mention for his exceptional contribution?

I dont want to mention someone specifically, many people have helped the clan. From the simple member that chose to play an event he doesnt like to support the clan, to clan war battles managers that devote a lot of time to it. The recruiters that try to replenish our roster and the donators that help achieve economical independence.

Have you ever thought about forming an alliance with other .com clans?

The reality is that the 3 active com clans (A&D, Immortal dynasty and EFL) do not have the power to act in an alliance.

Are you trying to achieve good ranks in the coming events?

Our intention is always to achieve good rank.

What else is on the list, when it comes to goals?

We put an effort to achieve better results in events. This includes active recruiting, active guidance for event battles and sometimes monetary benefits. Another goal is to increase depository size in order to accommodate our player base needs.

Anything you would like to say to your clanmates?

Thank you all for your efforts and patience.

Anything you would like to say to other clan leaders?

Hard job to do, be patient and good luck.

What do you think a clan really is?

A clan is political structure in a game that has to attract players in order to exist. Clan tries to offer services back to the players like depository, clan bonuses and most importantly a set of goals to achieve.

On the other hand players develop fillings of being part of family and comradeship that makes the game more engaging and entertaining for them.

#1209 Any Key

Lore lay

Questions and answers couldn't express her true feelings for her clan, so she wanted to answer in the form of an essay)

Hey. My name is Tatyana) you dont ask about the age of the girls, but I dont hide it - Im 37 years old, in real life I have a beautiful 16-year-old beautiful daughter who also plays heroes) Ive been in the game since August 2013, already in December 2013 I led my first clan #15 Destiny . In 2017, I was already in the leadership of Any Key as a Deputy. There has always been a cohesive council asset in the clan - players change, but the clan does not stand still. We won one war, we have a stable first place for trophies in the tournament, during that time we were even top-1 in one of the events). In 2018, many players from the com server appeared in our clan. I was very worried about the language barrier, because I myself do not know much English)) but we did not even notice this barrier through the efforts of players on both sides. Yes, I am proud that AK is the only Russian-speaking clan in the Empire in which there are so many guys from the com server. This is a great merit of the former head nipnip. He could make us all together. Clan mailings are in both languages. I keep in touch with everyone, not without Google translator of course, but for solving complex issues I have a wonderful deputy Meshy. Yes, on the board we also have guys from the com server) Meshy, mellor and Nazra). Sometimes we certainly do not understand each other, the truth comes in disputes - but this is a big plus for the clan. Different cultures, different mentality, different vision of situations. When players for some reason leave the clan, of course, I feel it is more difficult to endure the departure of English-speaking guys. They are more active, more purposeful. And yes! They even know how to swear and joke very coolly) - I always thought that you didnt even smile, it was like a myth for me that all Russians only drink vodka and ride bears))

Now our clan is in a global war, which also affected our friends among the English-speaking clans Angels and Demons Ψ and EFL to one degree or another, which is very sad. This gave the asset problems at the events. But we try not to lose heart and in every possible way eliminate this problem. We kick inactive and invite new guys. In the future, a very global cleaning of the composition is planned in order to form and orient the clan to the top-1 events. It is very difficult to part with many, but we accept those who returned from vacation. The clan has certain conditions for admission, first of all it is not less than 9 guild of leaders. The war really damaged the clan, but we are AK, we will not give up) and we will again be one of the best clans of the Empire, only because even the language barrier does not prevent us all from working together for certain goals. You asked me what it feels like to be a leader of one of the best clans? - its very difficult) because I am a woman and not everyone perceives the seriousness of my personal decisions, and Im also a mom in my life who has certain responsibilities) and all this must be combined. Probably for this reason, many in the clan call me Mom)) I have 193 children in the game and for many Im not just a head, but first of all a person who you can turn to for personal advice or just share your problem. I hope that Meshy is also not just a substitute and he also communicates with English-speaking guys just as closely, because he is our indispensable bridge between our shores).

"Would you like to say something to your colleagues?" - yes, of course) do not forget that this is a game, all difficulties are surmountable here, just do not lose your humanity, be open to dialogs)

"What is your key to success?)" - Personally, mine in the manual?) - I'm not a hypocrite and always write the truth, I can go for a long time and lead to the goal, but I will achieve it. And I have a carrot and stick policy) and do not forget that the Clan is your gaming family, players should see that their leader will not leave them in a difficult situation and will fight for a happy existence on the map. Because the Clan is your child, whom you raise with your own hands, your emotions and the guys from the council help me personally in this: Meshy, mellor, Nazra, Angel99 Vitarik, Nyasha-Konyashka, Waitest, Celestica - yes, I have the most courageous advice , some men - but they are simply irreplaceable)

Thank you for your attention to the clan and interesting questions) Have a good game and database and good luck in all battles!)"

() Translator has been used.

#9595 Immortal Dynasty


What's your name and how old are you?

merlin36 - 2009-05-03 19:31: Registered. Faction: Wizard.

Since when have you been handling the leadership?

2020-01-02 17:25: Clan leadership handed over by siddi1111 to merlin36

When was your clan established and what was its purpose?

2016-07-04 17:13: The "Immortal Dynasty" clan has been founded by siddi1111

Clan laid dormant for a while, recently reactivated:

2019-06-23 14:36: basion2 has joined the clan.

Clans purpose was to add to the list of .com clans and add more variety

Is it hard to develop a military clan? What problems are you encountering?

My experience has been that with the right people it is enjoyable to build a new clan. Our biggest problem was probably naivety in the start, which im sure everybody could expect, and we are trying to learn our way still.

What do you do to keep your clanmates active?

Nothing at all, no requirements of activity or taxes on members. Our clan does have the policy that weekly the clan facility income is split between the defence wins to provide members with a bonus, during events possibly up to 1k bonus per win. But i do believe that our member count maybe small but commited, and give their all for each other.

When and how did you capture your first facility?

2019-07-03 21:00: Clan has seized control over Great Wall-S2 with #254 Steel buckler.

How? We saw it had fallen and went for it, lost it the next day. As i said previously, back then we were simply just trying anything to get the battle glory for constructions, a scattergun approach.

How do you recruit new Lords & Ladies?

Our main success has been recruiting returning players that have a similar attitude to us, have plenty of time to help players adjust to game changes :)

What leads to eviction from your clan?

We are yet to find out :P

Can you tell us about your depository?

2019-10-14 22:46: Reserved for clan #9595 // basion2

Growing nicely in these few months, around 15 5x10% weapons at 400-500 and looking to round it out with a few more. Been a great chance to raise the level of all the clan's enchanters.

Is it hard to keep up with the competition, especially with well developed clans that are constantly in top?

Of course there are areas where we are behind and cannot compare to a top clan, but we know our limits and will continue to work away at our own goals

Have you tried to form an alliance or merge with another clan?

Whilst an ally would be great it is not something have actively been looking for, as we do not have much to offer a top clan. Of course in the future this may change and any offers of alliance would be greatly appreciated. If a merge was on our mind within 6 months then we would never have started on this journey :P

Would you like to mention any member from your clan for his exceptional efforts?

We owe a lot to Basion of course (everything), as has been written in the first page of our clan forum, and look forward to his return to activity.

What are the future goals of your clan?

Due to our small size we have the luxury of being able to discuss and vote on our direction, of course our goal is to continue our growth

Anything you'd like to say to your clanmates?

We have a good active discord server that allows us to constantly keep in touch :)

Anything you wanna say to other clan leaders?

Would enjoy getting to know anybody

What do you think a clan really is?

A collection of like minded people fighting for the same cause

#7705 Angels & Demons Ψ

Lord Bogland

What's your name and how old are you?

Hi my name is Lord bogland, boggy or bog to my friends I am somewhere between old enough to vote but not yet retired

Since when are you leading your clan?

I have been in different clan councils for a number of years but leader of A&D since 16th October 2018

What have been your implementations since then?

Mainly updating the reward system for defenses, increasing and improving the arts and enchanted arts we have in our depo

What leads to eviction from your clan?

If you are inactive for a month or 2 you could be evicted, but if you are evicted you can rejoin for free whenever you become active again. I do not evict or tax members for failing to do xx defenses in a month or for not achieving a good enough level in events

What are your opinions on war?

It is a part of the game for sure, but only a part. I try to stay neutral in war as I have friends on both sides and picking one side over the other is not something I want to do. Plus war requires a certain degree of commitment from the entire clan towards the war in the form of playing more actively and being willing to commit resources to it which is not something everyone is willing to do

Anyone you'd like to mention for his exceptional contribution?

A difficult question, if you mean exceptional contribution to A&D, then over the years there have been too many to count, some of whom are no longer in A&D or have left the game. Those in A&D right now I would say all of the clan council but especially Tindios and AzagToth (for their tireless effort to make A&D function and what it is today) but also other players like jahadad, cocoon and Jjuk for their tremendous efforts in defending our facilities (I know they enjoy the type of battle and that the rewards are good, but I do appreciate the effort you guys and others put in).

Have you ever thought about forming an alliance with other .com clans?

As I said earlier, with the war ongoing and wanting to stay neutral I would not consider making a military alliance with another clan, however we certainly have friendship alliances with other clans, including .com clans

Are you trying to achieve good ranks in the coming events?

We are not trying to achieve a high ranking in the current event, maybe in future events, who knows

What else is on the list, when it comes to goals?

I guess the list would be similar to all clans and include recruit active players, increase the number of facilities we have

Anything you would like to say to your clanmates?

A clan is really only the clan members, the more you guys put into the clan the bigger and better the clan will get and grow. Thank you all for your support and your efforts in defenses and events it is all appreciated

Anything you would like to say to other clan leaders?

I wish them all the best and good luck in their endeavours

What do you think a clan really is?

I think it is like a family - different members may have different goals of targets in the game, they may be able to play the game sometimes more often, sometimes less often (real life comes first) and there may be disagreements from time to time but we all want A&D to succeed and we all come together in times of need and even if you leave you are still family and always welcome back

Thank you clan leaders for such amazing answers! We are sure it will help the whole community and respective clan members to understand their clan and their goals more!

Thank you!

Stay tuned for more exciting articles!

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