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the true collectors only home is his own museum.
― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

The world is full of umpteen hobbies that each of us devotes our time too. From this myriad list, many are a part of our beautiful and glorious Empire. Today we are going to talk about such an ancient addiction Collecting

Restaurant "In the arse of the Dragon"

Interview with "Fair Play"

Greetings! Why did you chose to collect artifacts?

-Hello , just when I joined the game, my young and green necromancer fell for the roulette and lost 108k , it apparently hurt his hollow skull)) It was a beginning to bring an end to the measured existence of the necromancer, and I planned something big: I left Laborers Guild and didnt enroll anymore , became a God-defying huckster and what is most terrible contacted the elves. I was always attracted by old artifacts they have a special charm: they are lovingly delineated and have a wonderful literary description of the bygone wars at the dawn of the Empire. And all this splendor just for the sake of several tens of artifacts that will never be repeated, only until the admins bother! )

So when I began to notice that spending all the income in battles and local taverns wasnt going out well , the choice was very obvious ―Roulette!

Okay, I wont fool you, not roulette and then I started collecting antiques since my very first months in the life of the LWM.

What was the first artifact in the collection?

The very first was Order Of Valor 4 degree , but it was sold pretty soon . The fanatic demonic trade captivated victims in the name of capital turnovers. Despite the temptations to sell in the market the order is still with me: the order of Valor 1 degree. In Empire we trust, as they say)

The artifacts werent received personally from the Empire , then where did the funds to buy them came from?

I bought and exchanged several rarities . The Empire didnt prove to help , I wasnt able to be a part of any war. Where did the money came from , I do not need to repeat myself . But you know, in addition to being a luxury that personally gives me true aesthetic pleasure, it is also the best means of saving. Well, its like gold but gold is not interesting, its total mass in the game is constantly growing, and therefore, your tiny handful amount occupies an invisible share in it and it seems like inflation eats up everything. Investing in military artifacts is even sadder they all become obsolete and depreciate, the arms race is so arranged in the game, so that in the real world. How many tanks arent rivet, and in twenty years they will all inevitably turn into scrap metal, its better to spend money on something necessary and useful)

Well, true rarities are not tied to their stats or future cool sets. They were issued from a few pieces to a maximum of a couple of hundred, and the more the amount of gold in the game, the more expensive they will be. One drawback the offer is extremely limited and in any case its not enough for everyone.

Are there any things in the collection with an interesting story?

For me, each exhibit is unique because it is associated with a long search, persuasion and, finally a purchase! There are some noteworthy exhibits due to some reasons for example, a medal of courage of the 3rd degree is the only medal in the game available from level 1. A 50/50 memory ring with autographs of iconic figures in the ancient world of LWM, some of which have gone into another world (real, I hope). Or there is a ring of inspiration with a strength of 50 a one-time payment was issued , including a few for winning the PvP tournament many years ago!

But I want to stop near the most unremarkable outward exhibit. Yes, yes, it might not seem to you, this is the usual thiefs armor, no ones autograph is scratched on it. It is just some kind of strange strength 59/59. It is so wonderful and who repaired it so magnificently? Ill leave this riddle for readers, because I have an extra abrasive lying on the characters wall, which infuriates me I will throw it insolently, whoever will be the first one to guess.

What is the most desirable exhibit for players in LWM and for you personally?

For me the most valuable exhibit is the Order of Valor 6 degrees 59/60, but the Empire still does not wants to sell it for a million or two. Although every year I make a wish to the Santa Claus, But the ones that carried out or comes true are please sign an artifact, give me some money, invite me to the clan. Collecting it is a long process, I will still continue to believe and wait for a new Santa. Maybe someone needs to bring a money system to the Daily, dont you think so?))

From what happens in the lore, I personally consider The Medal of Defenders 1 and 2 degree the most valuable . There are the things that I dont have yet but this is a matter of time and limited amount of yellow metal, even for one of my Defender Medal , I would not have exchanged it)

Other collectors, judging from the offers in my personal mail, mostly desire the 50/50 memory rings, the defender medals, and the medals from the Tiger Lake campaign . They really look amazing))

The incomplete strength of the rarities depreciates its price , what are your views on it?

The exhibit price is determined from the rarity and not the strength) If there were a dozen or two of them in the game, old orders of 1-2 degrees), then collectors will be happy to buy even with completely dead strength. If a few hundred Well, they will try to take a virgin strength , all other things are equal only , just + 30-50% to the price. If more than a thousand well, I dont know, this is just like collecting Sword of Mights in my opinion :) Maybe its a little exaggerated) Although, I must admit, people do have a certain love exceptionally high durability virgin exhibits.

Now, if suddenly the reader accidentally ran up a rarity with a strength of type 0/maximum, and after reading this article, the thoughts come in mind now Ill fix it and put it on the market and get rich) please dont fix it. Probably, after repair it will cost less than what it was before due to the high repair fees. It will be better to send me a PM or make a forum post :)

Have you ever collected in real life?

Right now I like to buy paintings and antiques, but I would not call it as my collections these thing just bring joy, calm and comfort to me. I started collecting since my school days , I was fond of collecting beer caps the feeling is so immense that it cant be described in words! I also used to collect foreign coins of early 20th century.

Collecting is a school of will, a reflex of purpose, which is of vital importance, said by Russian and Soviet scientist I.P. Pavlov. Do you agree with that?

I am sure that in the words of the remarkable Soviet physiologist there is a hidden deeper meaning , which is inaccessible for a simple lay man.

For me, collecting is just another way to get pleasant emotions, I do not feel I have any vital skills or reflexes within me, my inner potential hasnt come out yet. Maybe Im doing something wrong :)

What advice can you give to players who want to start their collection?

First of all, try to enjoy the process: if you love the business, it will undoubtedly pay itself. If youre still unsure, just decide what you want to collect and how much you are ready to spend on this craze.

I will give 3 main options for all types of trades, with pros and cons (without touching the aesthetic side, here every option has its own beauty):

1. Ancient artifacts (issued in the first months of the game and in small quantities: orders of 1-3 degrees, wolf skins, memory rings, etc). PRO the price is always rising, so even if after a while you decide to get rid of the collection, you will get a good profit in local currency. CON it is insanely difficult to find, it is almost impossible to finish the entire collection, and youll need gold, a lot of gold!

2. Simpler Ancient artifacts: orders of 4-6 degrees, flame robes, etc. PRO: They are a little easier to find, the price is not so high, you can collect only the whole. CONS in comparison to the first option the growth rate of their price is a little snail, they are more difficult to sell. However, with due persistence, youll earn profits.

3. Collect anything except the ones mentioned in (1) or (2) (for example, award artifacts with special durability, autographs of special people , yes, any of your imagination). You can start with any amount in your account! Once started, be prepared that the collection might be with you forever. That is, if you are the only one who collects such things, it will be possible to sell in case of need but only with a big loss, there are no questions of any investments.

As conclusion, Ill add that no matter which option you choose, its worth it. After all, collecting is a passion, which means there is a chance that it will also spread to the other side of the screen, adding pleasant moments to your life. I wish everyone good good and good mood)!

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