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What format will the battles take place in?
It will be a 1 vs 1 PvE format like in the Leaders guild (only creatures from the LEG, no hero, no hero skills and faction skills do work, artifacts do not word and do not break, creature artifacts work, creatures die as in normal LG battles, the owner can pay for resurrection, while the usual (white) are not resurrected).
Enemies can be an army of creatures without a hero, an army commanded by a hero or two heroes. Enemies can be located on an ordinary field, in a village (can be huts and shooting towers) or a castle (can be ditches and shooting towers).
Feature event in the presence of a strong unit (barbarian Rayzar), which should be pumped and used in battle. Because of this, a fully identical passage of high waves will not be as much as in the LEG-events without such a helper.

The news says something about Rayzar. Where is he?
Rayzar joins the lord's army from the first battle.

Rayzar is there, but he's very weak. Why do we need him at all? Can he be removed from the army?
Rayzar will gradually gain strength, increasing his stats, gaining new abilities, so in the future he will be useful. You can't take him out of the army.

Why does everyone pump Rayzar differently? How do you pump him at all?
He's pumped by the characteristics you use in combat:
- If you're running around the field, he gets speed + initiative.
- Waiting - initiative.
- Defending - defense
- If you fight in melee - attack and damage.
- Taking damage - defense and health
As you pump, new skills are added as well, e.g. if the hero attacks a lot - "Bloodlust", if he shoots a lot - "No ranged penalty".
If you do different actions in battle, then all characteristics are pumped evenly. Because of the small boost effect, it may be unnoticeable, and you'll have to spend more combat to have it reflected in the improved parameters in any way.
If the battle ended before Rayzar's had his turn and he didn't have time to do anything, the progress would be evenly distributed across all areas of progress. This is disadvantageous in terms of the efficiency of his pumping in the long run, so it's worth spending the battle so that Rayzar moves at least once.
If Rayzar dies in combat but you are victorious in your battle, most of the progress goes into improving survivability (hp, defense), which in general can spoil the optimal pumping, so he should be kept alive. It has been observed that even if you resurrect or raise Rayzar after death, he will still be considered dead in the progress calculation, so there is no way to avoid progress going into survivability boosts in this way.
If you lose the battle completely during wave 1 - 50, Rayzar wont get any improvements at all. This can be used if he was killed in battle, to surrender the battle and thus avoid loss of pumping points on survivability. You can retry the wave again, preserving Rayzar (if you don't mind spending gold, of course) At waves 50+, he will be upgraded in every battle even in the ones you lose.
You can see the order of the skills you get here.

What should I pump for Rayzar to be most useful on higher waves?
It's hard to say exactly at the moment, because we don't know what stats increase and what new abilities he'll get with the maximum pumping - this will only be known closer to the end of the event.
However, we can already assume that Rayzar's pumping through shooting at higher wavelengths may be more versatile.

Is there somewhere I can look outside of combat to see how my Rayzar is currently paced?
Yes, and not only to see, you can share a link to your personal Rayzar.
To do that, click on the following link: https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=barb - here you will see your Rayzar's current progress.
This page will also generate a new link for the player, which can be copied from the browser address bar and shared with other players.

Are there any new creatures?
Yes, you can see them here as it becomes available.

Where can I read Event's story?

What are the buildings on the battlefield?
The battlefield may contain Robbers' tent and Mechanics' Factories , which will spawn new enemy units each turn (units that come out of the buildings do not count as summoned, you have to kill them to win too!)
Lairs and Plants do not appear in the list of enemies in the description of the wave on the event page. You can only see them in a service .
It is advisable to destroy these buildings as quickly as possible in most cases. The best way to do this are creatures with armor piercing (Lizard assailants, Lizard assailants, etc.) and creatures that hit 2-3 times each (Wolf Raiders, Sailors-strangers, etc.), as well as assemblies of various gnolls, which will get extra hits thanks to the "Pack raid".

Among the opponents I see a creature without a number indicator. What does this mean?
It means that in battle this creature will be a monster or a boss. A stronger variant of the normal creature.

How do you prepare for a wave?
There are examples.
Battles appear on the daily website because they are uploaded there by other players, so if you're an altruist or want to motivate others to add examples to the daily website - you can upload your own.

Is it worth it to go to 50+ waves at once?
No, there is a limited number of attempts. So it is worth waiting for examples on the daily website.

I have a low level of GL and my opponent's armies are complex, what should I do?
You can buy a LEG potion on the Event Page that will give you either level 7 LEG (17,000 Leadership, cost 12,000 ), or level 9 LEG (19,000 Leadership, cost 20,000 ). This will allow you to gain more unitswithout changing your opponent's strength in the event.
If you intend to run the event to the maximum, it's worth drinking the potion for level 9 LEG, otherwise you'll spend more on resurrections and loses.
Potion works not only in the event, but also in other LEG battles (in the normal quests and in battles against particularly dangerous bandits) . But keep in mind that normal battles may be difficult for you, as usually players with a real LEG level of 7 and 9 have stronger creatures than heroes with low LEG levels

The news says that you can buy creatures LEG, where exactly? They are bought permanently or only for the duration of the event?
You can buy creatures at the link "Hire creatures".
Yes, once purchased, they remain in your possession forever.

Is it worth buying these creatures?
If you can, make sure you buy the Pikemen - they are currently the most useful unit in LEG in principle (despite the price cut). This unit is very good for autopassing quests in LEG, efficient 1.5 point quests and dangerous bandits, for LEG tournaments, and is necessary for LEG events - many waves are passed with Pikemen in plus, some waves cannot be passed without them, besides, Pikemen are necessary for mercenaries in paired LEG events. It may not be possible to get them soon.
Also among the proposed creatures are definitely good and worth their money Lizard assailants, so if you do not have them, it is worth getting. 150k is a small price to pay for such a useful unit.
If you do not have Sea priestesses or Sea witches, and have extra money, you can buy Clerics, as only these three units can use the "Blessing" ability (Senior genies do not count, as their casting are random and the first cast is rarely obtained), which in the LEG is extremely important when passing dangerous bandits and many tasks LEG-events.
Senior genies are not bad - these units can be useful in LEG tournaments and some quests of the LEG events.
The rest of the legendaries are almost useless, especially taking into account that they are not sold in packs for 10k leaderboard points, which will make them relatively inferior in LEG tournaments, and in case of their cost reduction it will also be impossible to gain the full stack in regular LEG battles.
Veterans can be bought purely to speed up the exchange in the future, with the price being only 40k. Likewise with Frontier ursary.

In this event, does the clan only get points from the top 100 players in terms of points? How do I know who belongs to them?
Yes, only the top 100 players get points for the clan. The best players have the number of points (displayed in the list of clan members) highlighted in blue.

And the other players don't get a reward in the form of LEG creatures if they are not in the top 100 of the clan?
ou don't have to be in the top 100, all clan members who score 15 points, i.e. have 15 victories, will receive a clan award.

If several players have the same score in the individual competition, will there be the same award? Or will the one who played first get the award?
The award will be the same, however, if 116 players passed the maximum wave and the other players scored slightly less, then 116 players will be top-1, and the others with the same passed less high wave will be top-117 and receive the corresponding award.

If the player gets points for battles outside a MC, does a new MC gain these points after the player joins?
If the player after joining a MC passes for him at least one wave, all the points he earned earlier will belong to that MC.

If I need the LEG creature that you get as a reward, but I did not get a good enough event score, do I get any clan rewards?
For this there is a system of sitting in the clan as a "passenger". There is a possibility of paying recruiters of certain MCs to invite you before the event is over. This way you will be guaranteed to get the clan reward.

What are your tips for getting through the event?
Some basic tips:

  • Buy a LEG potion (for LEG 9) if you're going to play the event. Better to buy a LEG potion right away than to lose 30k and still end up buying it at wave 30;
  • Do not be lazy to look in a service, you will see the possible pitfalls that are not visible in the description of the wave in the event (buildings spawning enemies; too thick boss; presence of shooting towers, etc.), and secondly, can find the cheapest way to pass the wave.
  • If you don't have Pikemen or Lizard assailant, be sure to buy one if possible - they're extremely useful LEG units.


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