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1 540 000 gold is needed to pump the the smith guild from 10% to 90% repair efficiency  (Level 8). In case, you receive gold for your services i.e. 30% repair for 20% cost, 60% for 50% etc. Then the total gold taken will be 4 978 000 . Various types of calculations can be found here. Right now 1099 players have max smith guild.

3 characters in the game have no factions: , , 3391970. Their transmission protocols dont contain any registration information. No one knows where they're gone.

4 752 000 can be earned from a single roulette bet on the games anniversary. It is taken into account that the player is level 22, gamblers guild level 20. On a typical day without any multipliers, it is possible to get 1,584,000 gold from roulette. You can track roulette statistics services by omne.

285 times the clan logo of Broken Wings changed in the year 2017. I have no idea how was this determined, well let it be a mystery. =)

7500 spaces are available at the lowest paid sawmill in the empire, this is enough to fit all characters in the game. We decided to ask a few, why they enroll there? We are waiting for the answers, stay tuned.

56 pumpkins appeared on the battlefield on this battlefield in 2011 Halloween . The interesting thing is they could have gotten more, but one of them was bothered by his wife in real life))

810 transfer log pages of our Empire were spammed by ULTRA_XEROX by a youtube track . Leaving a link to the cool track.

49 999 leadership points, if it doesnt cause you a nervous breakdown, then most probably you are Chuck Norris.

3 this is the very first facility ID: Ore pit, under the protection of Empire. Ofcourse she doesnt protects them from survilurgs, but somewhere she she lost the first 2 IDs.

17 310 200 gold is required to declare a clan military clan and build all buildings in it, including a warehouse, but excluding battle glory. If character stats are important to you, then this option is cheaper than buying a UCI for gold (you can still save on builds and warehouse). But somehow you need to accumulate the battle glory to activate them.

14 facilities arent controlled by any Military Clan, they are under direct control of the Empire. They all can be found in Empire Capital.

30 percent is the increase in the size of creatures when you beat them in a hunt.

5033 triumphs of death were used by the Death Proclaimer monster in battle  against Slip_Fox. Earlier there was a bug by which the triumph of death could miss the phantom. Now it has been fixed, this record cant be broken now.

11 types of task are present in Watchers Guild.

45 010 000 fights can be done by the auction mallet. Even after so many years the hammer isnt even rusted by 5%. If we assume that it took 800k by Xaser to enchant the hammer the cost per battle comes out to be 0.029 approximately, this means that 35 battles can be done with just 1 single golden coin! The hammer was the first auction lot in market of our Empire.

124 talents exist in the game. They are divided into 10 branches attack, defense, luck, moral, Erudition, sorcery, nature, chaos, holy, dark. A less rich choice is given to Barbarians and Fury Barbarians 31. The most diverse wheel belongs to classic elves, they have 56 talents to choose from!

160 battles were done by omne, to throw away all his creatures whom he had been collecting since years. This included legendaries, leprechauns, top clan rewards etc. Thanks to this, it became possible to find out that the list of resurrection can hold upto 200 stacks. Dont worry as soon as another stack is resurrected the number becomes 200 again, until all hidden ones get resurrected.

600 seconds is the amount of time the notification of getting a rare artifact in Chest of Abundance remains. After which it disappears.

155 700 FSP is required to pump all the factions to FSL 12. Hats off to the top players.  Algor youre scary!

38 different art sets exist in the game, until now there are no bonuses for the ocean set. Probably the pirates looted them.

1710 mana was taken by Abu-Bakir while testing the 5th school of magic.

16 stacks can be hit at the same strike while using meteor rain. Ugh useless information

1 130 000 was spent by O_Men, whose mouse slipped from the hand and the depository expanded by mistake, I can imagine the swearing to the mouse)

15 characters are required to place the bunny money god in your profile. Dear bunny give us money, dear bunny give us money!


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(* *)

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This is the bunny money god, place it in your profile and youll be rich forever!
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