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224,034 votes made LWM receive the Runet Award in the year 2009. It is worth noting that the total number of votes were much larger and and our game lost 70% of the total number due to the fact that the players on the forum called to vote for the game, and this violated the rules of the voting ("Forbidden: to spam with vote calls for the project-participant of the popular vote").

396 laborer guild points could be achieved by Randy Gardner, who set a world record for the longest time a human has gone without sleep: 11 days/ 264 hours and 30 minutes , just imagine if he bought an Abu Bakir Charm and enrolled every hour.

100 invitations have been sent so far to join the clan HWM . At the moment there are 10 active caretakers in it , but a couple hasnt visited it since a long time. Recruitment is currently closed , but there are some eyewitnesses who say that this is happening. However , it is easier to get to the other clans. But how? Eyewitnesses keep quiet))

28 estates have been acquired by #18Noldor [22] and .The first earned honestly earned them by leasing and all that stuff , and used it just for storing artifacts and the second worked hard for it. Well , we are all trying to build our own estates piece by piece  , collecting certificates in AG or buying up cheap ones from the market.

1197 damage points were inflicted by the spell Armageddon in this battle. The spell belongs to Magic Guild level 5 and was tested in the war against Wizards. It was left behind in 2008 , someday it might come back. Who knows) 

50 000 gold , its the amount of gold a player can legally go into minus by creating a 50,000 wage in the tavern and spending the gold before the game starts. If you see this , make sure to create a forum.

30 attempts were made by the character #575614 [10] to join the Rangers Guild and nevertheless he cleared the 31st!. Within a few months he scored 29 victories and decided to join the Thieves.

426 VK users have been blacklisted by the official LWM group when theyre trying to buy/sell/beg for characters and passwords.

1 single participant in the Survival Tournament. Yes , one. The 272th Survival Tournament for level 14 saw such a scenario for the tribals. This should be enough to motivate us to play tournaments and get free rewards)

1 200 000 is the amount gold it takes to buy the 80 diamonds , required to join the Thiefs Guild from the diamond repository . If you do this make sure to record your actions (we will rollback 5k gold)) =)

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