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Автор: #7490 cyberclops

High atop the parapets of the royal castle in Sunny City, an old spectacled wizard stood, gazing down upon the streets of the city square. Although the old wizard looked frail with his hunched back and long white beard, he was by no means weak nor defenceless. As a matter of fact, he was the Lord Reagent of this city and was an esteemed combat magician who had proved his worth time and again on the battlefield. Even as he aged and hung up his battle gear to be a councilor in the Empress's Court, he was still a proud and powerful magician.

However at this very moment, he let out a long sigh, at the same time muttering softly to himself. The city square he was gazing at was cold and empty eventhough it was high noon and should have been bustling with traders and adventurers. The reason for their absence was simple enough and that was a large majority of all able bodied lords and ladies had all taken up the call for arms to wage battle against the smugglers who had recently been operating in the kingdom. Yet, this was not the main reason for Councilor Bilir's sigh. The actual reason was apparently more personal which was why he had kept it to himself all this time.

Being a long-lived wizard who had lived for hundreds of years, it was only natural that nobody was aware about the fact that today was his birthday! Nobody had come to express their well-wishes and most certainly nobody had taken the initiative to celebrate it with him. Even the city that he ruled was so quiet on this day that he could not even cheer himself up with the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Unknown to him, his youngest granddaughter was watching him with thoughtful eyes, hidden behind the heavy curtains of the palace. Out of the grandkids she had taken after him most. She showed an incredible talent in the arcane arts and therefore he had kept her by his side to provide her with personal tutelage. It so happened that this particular granddaughter whom he was very fond of had actually guessed the meaning hidden behind his earlier sigh. With a thoughtful smile on her face, she turned around and left the palace hall where her grandfather was. Back in her room, she changed into civilian clothes and doned a thick hooded cloak before a dark silhouette could be seen slipping from the palace gates into the dark alleyways.

That very evening, rumours started to spread around the local taverns and alehouses. Weary fighters who had been battling the smugglers all day long heard the news and their eyes lit up, even the barmaids and the cooks had excited looks on their faces as they served their guests for an announcement had been made for a simple task with a hefty sum of compensation included.

Lords and Ladies, In conjunction with the 150th birthday of Councilor Bilir who is the Lord Reagent of Sunny City, Headmaster of the Imperial Academy of Arcane Arts as well as the Royal Councilor for Magical Sciences, a birthday poem writing competition is to be held for all citizens of the Empire.

The criterias are as follows:

- Each poem MUST contain 4 - 8 lines

- Each line can only have NOT MORE THAN 7 words

- The submission must be done within ONE week from the date of the announcement (so the deadline is 23:00, 20.07.2018)

Best Entry will win - 10k gold! + x1.5 event multiplier*

Most Creative Entry - 5k gold + x1.2 event multiplier*

Most Hilarious Entry - 5k gold + x1.2 event multiplier*

Every participant will receive a little reward!

Judges include:

Spartak , Cyberclops , Meshy

*This quest is a part of series of quests. The event multipliers will be applied in the final part.


1 / 13.07.2018 14:11 / kulala [10] ?
Not everday is a good day,
live anyway.
Not all will love you back,
love anyway.
Not everyone will tell you the truth,
be honest anyway.
Not all deals are fair,
play fair anyway.
2 / 13.07.2018 15:09 / Botmun [13] ?
So what if you're getting older,
There are worse things to be,
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
With zero self-esteem.

To me, you're simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right,
So have a happy birthday,
And let's party all night.
3 / 13.07.2018 15:35 / Lord MilesTeg [17] ?
Happy Birthday to councillor Bilir
He has notched up many a year
All the citizens of the Empire
Join together in a great big cheer

Tis true he is the most wise
Anything else is but lies
Though regarding the size of his belly
He eats far too many pork pies
4 / 13.07.2018 18:22 / Cryptocode [14] ?
From monastery to Castle You marches
you stands on the shining stone
You breaks the lightning to raise harmony
You speaks to the Dragon's Eye
You throw a lucky coin to decide

You are the man of peace
with crystal shield
You are a wizard with a wisdom pearl
Happy Birthday to
the glorious wizard of the empire!

[BTW: Give me some luck in Tavern!!!]
5 / 13.07.2018 23:50 / Bfriudo [16] ?
Smith, soldier and a bard with clarinet,
a woman in corset completed the quartet;
trav'ling amidst hardships to honor Bilir:
"Through perils and impede, until we succeed!"
Two moons faded, the city in sight,
"We carry a gift for Bilirs delight!"
"Hesitate not," uttered Bilir, "show it fortwith!"
"...'twas lost yesterday!" replied the smith!
6 / 14.07.2018 14:53 / Meshy [17] ?
Doubt those who just copy and paste their poems off the internet will be getting a reward..
7 / 15.07.2018 07:43 / Mega Demon [10] ?
There are no rules clarifying about that though
8 / 18.07.2018 23:39 / merlin36 [15] ?
The crooked old bookworm Bilir,
Has grown older by another year,
So do us a favour,
Come celebrate with our saviour,
Our champion wizard Bilir

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