The Hunt for Tournaments Awards

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Cheers and shouts of encouragement vibrated throughout the arena as the multitudes of spectators showed their support for the teams that were currently engaged in a fierce and intense close quartered fight. It was already mid-way through the paired tournament and the arena was packed, especially when the more prominent teams fought each other. High above the common grandstands, with an unobstructed view of the main arena was a private box, lavishly decorated with the finest materials and gemstones that could be found throughout all the lands of the Empire. Needless to say, the current occupant of the private box was the Empress, escorted by her most trusted councilors and warlords who were currently enjoying the upbeat mood of the tournament. At that moment, someone's voices sounded in the corridor and, when the guards opened the doors, an agitated knight, the personal assistant of Warlord Grammith, ran into the Empresss lounge. -"Your Majesty! Commander! An urgent report from the trophy room!" The nervousness and agitation of the knight was plain for all to see. -"Yes, I'm listening. Do not rush!" Replied the Empress. "Take your breath and say it." -"Thank you, Your Grace!" The knight caught his breath and continued with the report. "Just a short while ago, the trophy room was broken into and all the trophies prepared for the paired tournament have been stolen by some bandits. -"What??!! Who dares to blatantly steal from the imperial trophy room??!!" Exclaimed the Empress menacingly. "Grammith!! Get back those trophies immediately before the tournament ends!." -Warlord Grammith who was also in the room immediately knelt before the Empress, "It shall be done, Your Grace. The bandits shall be hunted down and exterminated." As Grammith left the arena and rushed back to his office to draft out the official decree, he was stopped at the entrance by his friend and comrade, Councilor Kalirosh. -"My dear friend, i overhead what happened and might I present some suggestions as additional incentive for the hunt?" Kalirosh had a knowing smile of his face that gave of the impression that he had a brilliant idea in his mind. -"I'm rushing!" replied Grammith with an irritated frown on his forehead. Indeed, this matter was of utmost importance and could not be delayed even for a single moment. "Ah, just come on in, you can talk as I start the draft." Grammith relented and invited Kalirosh into his office with him. A few hours later on that very same day itself, a notice could be seen plastered on every notice board and bounty wall throughout the empire.

Hunt Contest "Bandit Slaughter"

- All Lords and Ladies are asked to hunt for "Bandits", Renegade Scouts, Renegade Thugs and Renegade Mages- First 3 Lords/Ladies to successfully hunt and kill them 3 times will be awarded with gold.

- Lords and Ladies are requested to post all 3 battle links (with timestamps) in 1 post in the comments/forum discussion.

- The awards are as follows:

1st - 9k gold
2nd - 4k gold
3rd - 2k gold

Furthermore, Lords and Ladies who manage to discover certain hunter artifacts will also be rewarded when they report their findings.

- Lords and Ladies are also required to post battle links in comments/forum discussion.

- First Lord/Lady to do so shall be awarded.

Beastbane Charm - 4k
Beastbane Blade - 4k
Great Hunter Shield - 2k
Great Hunter Arrows - 2k
Master Hunter Armor - 1k
Master Hunter Saber - 1k
Hunters Bow - 1k

Special notes: -All battles must be solo hunts, hunt assists are not accepted.
-MG quests, TG, WG, AG battles are all not accepted.
-All battles must be completed and reported within the event period between
15:00 11.06.2018 and 22:10 17.06.2018


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Good luck to everyone!

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