The Thug Hunt (Results)

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The arena is once again packed and filled to the brim, but there are no warcries nor clashes of steel to be heard, instead the warriors are all lined up at the side of the center stage. Indeed today is the day of the prize giving ceremony and all the warriors are eagerly awaiting their turn to meet the Empress who is personally conducting the ceremony.

On the grand stage, the Empress is escorted by her councilors and warlords. In her hands is a glowing golden trophy embroidered with precious stones which she presents to an awestruck warrior in front of her. While doing so, she exchanges a knowing glance with her trusted warlord who is by her side, Warlord Grammith. She slyly gives him a wink while he nods in return with a faint smile on his stoic face riddled with battle scars.

After the end of the prize giving ceremony, Warlord Grammith could be seen leaving the royal courts wearing a heavy cape wrapped around him loosely. He is headed to a local tavern which sits in a inconspicuous part of town. Inside a group of lords and ladies await him and rise to their feet as soon as they see him. Grammith throws aside his cloak to reveal a big fat coin sack hidden beneath. He is not in a rush and slowly takes a seat before ordering a pint of ale from the bartender.

After taking a swig or two, he begins to address the assembled warriors. - "The Empress would like to express her heartfelt gratitude for hunting the thieving bandits, you have truly saved the day. As such, here are the promised payments." Grammith opens the coin sack and starts distributing the contents.

Lords and Ladies of the empire, the Empress and Warlord are grateful for your help and contribution in capturing the bandits and returning the stolen trophies.

Bandit Hunt

1st: #7705 Lord MilesTeg

2nd: #1209 ProZyk

3rd: #7490 barbmaster

Hunter Art Hunting

Beastbane Blade: #7705 SuperBacon

Great Hunter Shield: General Zod

Great Hunter Arrows: #846 poyk1

Master Hunter Armor: #1209 ProZyk


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Good job guys!

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