Interview with the players of the clan #9595 Immortal Dynasty

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#9595 Immortal Dynasty is one of the few foreign clans with its own lore, established team and vision of the game. Let's get acquainted with the pirates of the "Immortal Dynasty".

We talked with the leader of the clan - merlin36 and with one of it’s most famous heroes - Patou.

Talk with merlin36

Pisatel: Hello, my friend! Firstly, can you please tell me how the history of Immortal Dynasty began? Did siddi1111 want a big clan or was it just a community for friends?

merlin36: Hi! Siddi started the clan as he wanted to compete and build another English clan. He started off well but unfortunately wasn't able to keep it going and it was abandoned for a few years. I joined then to revive the clan along with Siddi and basion2 with the aim of making a community of friends where would could play and battle together. We want to stick to this value and prioritise the fun community aspect of being a clan over the hardcore event aims of most.

Pisatel: In the clan the main theme is pirate. Did you immediately think that you would develop the clan as a pirate community? Or did you decide to play as pirates somewhere in the process?

merlin36: Yeah at first we needed to show our fighting spirit and we chose to take a 'pirate' approach, taking what we could and fighting fiercely for it. Once we established ourselves and gained some standing we have tried to find an alliance that would support us and allow us to settle, unfortunately we haven't been able to find an ally for ourselves and we have been left without facilities for a while, maybe it is time to reignite that pirate spirit? ;)

Pisatel: Tell me about clan members. I know that you have members from many countries. Also I know that you have some famous players, for example, Patou, who was the creator of European foreign legion. Am I right?

merlin36: Yeah we have members from almost every time zone, anyone happy to communicate in English is welcome here, whether using a translation service or from being native. Yes Patou is our most famous member for sure, he was the founder of the EFL (Rising Phoenix) clan, it is a big positive that he sees potential in our project

Pisatel: I know that Immortal Dynasty participated in clan wars. Can you tell about that? What side you chose? What results you got?

merlin36: Yes we have competed in many different clan wars. Unfortunately these are all dominated by big clans who communicate in Russian Skype chats that are largely impossible to keep up with through a translator, especially on mobile! This then means that the big clans think we do nothing to help and we feel betrayed at the end when we have ended up with none of the facilities we were promised at the start! When we have fought, we have made sure we fight as hard as we can for each other, the issue with being a small clan without heavy donations is that we cannot afford imperial sets for all our members, and so when enemy big clans come around we are powerless to resist.

Pisatel: Yes, It's most popular problem in small clans :( Do you have plans for other clan wars? Or have you already decided you don't want to participate in this?

merlin36: We are enlisted once again in this war, however the activity of the clan has taken a big hit since the last war, with a lot of our best players leaving to join other clans when they started missing out on watcher's guild points from defences. In the last war we were an ally of sun guard however they decided we weren't good enough and removed our sector from us :(

Pisatel: It's bad way, oh...( Let's talk about English-language community. What can you tell us about game, from the perspective of an English-language player? What problem do any foreign player have when playing HWM?

merlin36: As for being an English language player, it can be difficult, we haven't got the biggest community and often small updates are not posted on our server at all, it is up to the players to find out and let the rest of us know on the forums. Being only a few also can make divisions between players stronger, only 2 large clans for example means it is very much a split community. Other than that I think the game is largely the same for both sides, with battle coordination being somewhat of a challenge perhaps.

Pisatel: Can you remember some big moments of clan life? Maybe some events or clan activities?

merlin36: Some of our best in-game events have been when we pulled together to climb the rankings, helping each other out and each event we were getting closer to the top 40. But my main highlight has been the events we have run within our community. Small things like games nights, leaders guild bingo (a game where you cross off a bingo card based on exchanges by your clan mates on call) and also wargames arranged by our warlord Thaidye15, this was a multi week event where each day new challenges were set for players, aimed at friendly competition and raising the stats of our members. It is something I would very much like to run again

Pisatel: I'd like to talk about our clan council. Can you briefly tell us about the managing staff of the clan?

merlin36: There are many to talk about, it started with basion2, he did so much as the leader of the clan to get us on the right path, he was a great motivator and he also funded the majority of clan constructions himself in those early days. When he moved countries I took over the leadership having been his deputy, and there has been some massive help for me along the way from a few different deputies who have since moved on to other things. Currently I am without a deputy, however we have a good council who all take on different tasks and mainly we all voice our opinions and help to guide the clan. Thaidye15 as I have said previously organises a lot of the competition/social aspects of the clan. Urdit and Lord Nebiros92 are trusted warlords. Igles is slightly less active at the minute but he is a trusted voice in matters just like Patou and Warrior2002. We are quite fluid with our lineup and anyone who wants to get more involved is encouraged to do so, and those who need a break are likewise. I think managing a clan is a great way to build up certain skills that you can even apply to the real world!

Pisatel: Thanks for your answers.)

Talk with Patou

Pisatel: Hello, my friend! At first I want ask you about time when you join Immortal Dynasty. I know that you are creator of EFL (Rising Phoenix). Why do you finally join our clan?)

Patou: Creating a MC was really fun for many reasons, but being a leader can be a real curse on your REAL life. Merlin36 is an old old friend and he joined ID. Later he asked me to join when i was MC-less. He wanted me to help MC to change strategy because ID was a little MC. We did it all together.
This guy create ID long ago because he had won a good amount of gold on roulette.

Pisatel: Wow. This goes very well with the pirate theme of the clan. The founder won money at roulette and bought a clan instead of a ship.))) What can you tell us about the history of our clan? At what point did you realise that the clan is no longer a small community, but a big one?

Patou: A MC is not big just with the amount of player, but active ones. As long you are growing with active members, you become big little by little. An MC is considered big when you are able to face TOP MC, even if sometimes we got destroyed, the fun was great. So to your question i can remember when we were able to defend facilities from attacks. Costly battles but funny ones. Important point to know : This MC is not a result of merge a to b, then merge b to c and so on.

Pisatel: I ask Merlin about that, but I want you opinion too. Let's talk about English-language community. What can you tell about game, as a French-language player? What problem do any foreign player have, when he play in HWM?

Patou: That's a complex question to reply to. Let me try to explain my point of view. As a french player i regret the game not being in french but i know all the story of the game (because of Arctic) and this forces me to keep a skill level of english to stay in touch with the COM community. COM community is made by international speakers with players from countries all around the World where RU is made by "local" members. This means that "international" should be clever because we are all having different way of thinking and so on. But this is part of this old game for COM players.

Pisatel: Can you remember some big moments of clan life? Maybe some events or clan activities?

Patou: To be honest, each moment is good to have fun : War, Facility attacks, Facility defences, events... But my favorite one is the GIF game with Thaidye in discord. Fun can be had at any time.

xxxsaber aka tony is an old friend from EFL. And Calvinou is my real son in life. He is like me a real fan of Heroes of Might and Magic from II to 5.

Pisatel: Thank you for you time.)

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