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Translation author: Bunnie

1,825,490,040,000,000,000,000 is the maximum damage done in the game! This was done with the help of the ability wild reflexes of Wild Griffins.

155 700 hunts are needed to level up all factions to FSL 12! If you activate Abu Bakir charm, then 140 130 victorious hunts will be needed. Interestingly HG 13 needs only 13,100 points, from which you can get +13 attack and 14,410 skills with the use of ABC. Reaching HG 13 won't even get you even FSL 12!! Currently HG12 has been attained by very few characters:  Noldor, #1519 Левиофан, #276 EVSey, #928 yuri70#7777 Paradox-x-x, #7777 karlik-leg.

At 0/37 it becomes useless to repair Imperial Artifacts, considering you spent 1kk to get them. PM me if anyone of you reaches 0/37 though))

1 088 852 is the amount for which the first estate in Empire was bought in an аuction. These days the starting prices are 3.4kk onwards. Damn, old days were cheap!

155 battles were done by #346 ЧерныйБерет in 42nd МТ++, to take the bronze medal! This is the highest amount ever reached in any event, despite the fact PvP fights are real. Try try but never cry!)

4 land roads lead their path beyond the Empire. Sadly, they haven't expanded since last 6 years. 

206 060 is the amount of the first estate license was sold in the market. It was bought by hero KINGTHEBEST

37 times in one day the brave lady #17 Reyka_Ya was ambushed by thieves! It happened on 14th April, 2019. Winrate was 100%, all thieves were beaten. Who knew it's so easy to get Ranger Guild Points) the hero ExtME caught her 4 times!

102 000 characters will be written by you, when you reach Laborers' Guild level 10! Type type type, earn earn earn!!!

21 247 817 is the amount of betted in roulette by #2230 Firlia on 1st March 2020! With winnings of 22 072 500 . Let’s look at some of the biggest earnings of anniversary days:

3 030 000 was the amount of the clan number #7777 was sold for. Long time ago, the admins put up auctions to sell beautiful and special numbers.

129 179 is the strength of highest wall ever made in history of LWM in a tavern game.

163/163 is the durability of Amulet of Infinity Tolgar got. Earlier the durability of an artifact was determined by the formula *Number of battle^0.46*. I wonder how much would Tolgar sell this artifact for)) 

12 people visit HWM daily via Internet Explorer every month. Who are you? I guess you are living in a bunker since many years))

Thank you for helping in calculations: #3002 PUFe #5041 omne #249 Glaver


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