Rayzar's rage event: new creature!

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Abilities: Venom. Paralysis.


Abilities: Large creature. Rage. Knockback. Reactive armor.

Storyline Rayzar's rage

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1. Shipmaster:
The cries of seagulls means that the coast is not far away But these waters are not safe. Only those who have sold their souls to Davy Jones are able to pass the Siren Reef without adventures Unfortunately, this is the only way to reach the island
Enough idle talk! My Scarlet will soon rust from all this time at sea. Hey, you sea creatures!!! Stop hiding!!! Get your gills up on deck, and well talk!
The gray-haired captain and most of the ship's crew immediately began to scramble down the hold, slamming the hatch cover shut behind them. Meanwhile, ominous silhouettes flashed under the surface of the water

New character Military expedition

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Storyline Military expedition

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Game Lore - Political Factions of the Empire

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Author: #414

Three years ago, we analysed the history of politics in the game. Since then, much has changed: facility shares have been divided amongst players, several new alternative classes have appeared, and even another faction. All this greatly influenced the political alignment of forces and, believe me, not one, but several conspiracies have ripened in the Empire. But who will be at the head of the rebellion?

Let's uncover a map of the political factions of the Empire.

Campaign: Into the Hell

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Originator: Pagan of Dark

How to develop a strong character up to lvl14

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Author: #73 Kligan-Dog


Hello everyone!   This guide is aimed to help with development of a new character, what to focus on, and in what order.

Answers on questions from Maxim (adm)

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