Whats better basic defense or basic erudition talent?

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: #73 Kligan-Dog

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Today, there will be a small basic article. Lets compare defense talent with defense parameters. Often in various situations we come across the question about which skill is better to take. Sometimes you hear take this, sometimes you hear take that. Why? Because I once tried it. The answer might not be correct always

[Figures] April

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1,825,490,040,000,000,000,000 is the maximum damage done in the game! This was done with the help of the ability wild reflexes of Wild Griffins.

[Numbers] March

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1 540 000 gold is needed to pump the the smith guild from 10% to 90% repair efficiency  (Level 8). In case, you receive gold for your services i.e. 30% repair for 20% cost, 60% for 50% etc. Then the total gold taken will be 4 978 000 . Various types of calculations can be found here. Right now 1099 players have max smith guild.

Interview with .com leaders

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Author: Bunnie

"Leaders are those who always empower others" - Bill Gates

Hello dear .com players, this is not just an article but a bunch of feelings of various clan leaders holding English players together, try to feel the essence and their emotions linked to it.

[Contests] Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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Merry Christmas and happy new year!

These are the words that ring through every tavern across the land. Hundreds of litres of rum and ales have been drunk to these words, thousands of heroes across the land singing these words from the Northern point of the Peaceful Camp, all the way down to the Kingdom Castle.

Figures of the week / 2 of December

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1250 days are required to attain Watchers Guild level 7 without taking into account any additional bonuses. This includes 500 days to reach WG5, and then considering 4 tasks per day, another 750 days will be needed for WG7. Currently, more than 300 heroes have WG7

ollectors rare artifacts

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the true collectors only home is his own museum.
― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

The world is full of umpteen hobbies that each of us devotes our time too. From this myriad list, many are a part of our beautiful and glorious Empire. Today we are going to talk about such an ancient addiction Collecting

[Figures of the week] 1st of December

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8 former guardians of #2073 HWM are blocked right now. Needless to say , 3 of them chose BOW , and 5 got a little naughty ,,DemiGodAntares, , kvantt. The statistics are very pleasing , but its unknown till date how many former and current Moderators have got banned). Its not a bad opportunity to venture the east island, but along the way, beware of the pirates))

Figures of the week / Pilot relese

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224,034 votes made LWM receive the Runet Award in the year 2009. It is worth noting that the total number of votes were much larger and and our game lost 70% of the total number due to the fact that the players on the forum called to vote for the game, and this violated the rules of the voting ("Forbidden: to spam with vote calls for the project-participant of the popular vote").

Daily Days [Whole year analysis]

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There are 43 unique days: